Thursday, October 11, 2012

Tyrrell's 2010 Rufus Stone McLaren Vale Shiraz

If you've already read about the Heathcote release you can save yourself some time as they are the same words that follow, if not please read on ........................
"It seems like forever that I've been raving about Tyrrell's Rufus Stone wines. They were the subject of my favourite ever newsletter " When Wally whacked Willy" and I acknowledge that part of the attraction is my New Forest heritage. But far more important is their consistent overdelivery which ranges from the satisfying to the extreme. Both the 2010 releases fall into the extreme category. In fact they share plenty in common: same winemaker, grape, vintage and alcohol. Only the region and the taste vary. The Heathcote is more seductive with an enticing berry fruit flavour that lingers to the end of an infinitely long palate while chocolate mocha dominates the McLaren Vale. Personally I'd be buying six of each, failing to decide which one is the favourite and then grabbing as much as the budget will allow. These are seriously undervalued wines."

Our Price: $18 per bottle by the dozen


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