Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Haselgrove 2010 "Bella Vigna" McLaren Vale Cabernet Sauvignon

They've sold out but we've still got a few of this beauty.

Here's how Haselgroves described one of their gems
"Fresh blackberry and red currant with hints of mint and menthol. Savoury finish with a hint of slightly charred oak balance the velvety tannins and tight acidity with the primary fruit flavours. Enjoy now or cellar for up to ten years to enhance complexity."

This could be regarded as a collectors item. New management has flicked the Italian themes developed by their predecessor as a tribute to the Italian owners of Haselgroves and gone to Celtic symbolism. I wonder what will happen next?


Our Price: $18 per bottle by the dozen


Gum Creek Estate 2010 Cabernet Sauvignon

Here's a cheap and cheerful offering from the
Riverina at close to half price. It's a very quaffable medium bodied red that's way better than $7.
We only started with 20 dozen so not a lot left.

Our Price: $ 7 per bottle by the dozen


Cruickshank Wines 2009 Two Cabernets

This has been quite a success for the family for a number of vintages now with a Hunter Valley Wine show trophy back in the early 2000's. It's a seamless blend with the Cabernet Franc really supporting the Cabernet Sauvignon - and I'd argue way better than shiraz does when it's blended with cab sauv. Alcohol is a sensible 13% with the fruit from their vineyard at Denman in the upper Hunter Valley.

At 4 years old it's drinking superbly now with the promise of a few more years to come but at this price I suspect it will be quaffed much faster than that.


Our Price: $13 per bottle by the dozen


Tierra del Fuego Gran Reserva Estate Bottled 2006 Merlot

This is a stunning red. Gloriously developed, incredibly complex, medium bodied with that earthy funky character that polarises people. Don't go near it if you only like squeaky clean fruit bombs from the Barossa. But if you're an experimenter, always up for something different with quality, you'll love this Chilean classic

And the problem? The cork. It's the luck of the draw but some are quite crumbly. If you have an Ah So cork removal device which I last triumphantly used at Peter Sexton's 60th Birthday Bash you'll be fine, otherwise you may have to do a bit of straining. The upside is that the wine is offered at half its well deserved original price.


Our Price: $15 per bottle by the dozen


Deen De Bortoli Vat 4 2010 Petit Verdot

It's opulent without being over-extractive, beautifully balanced with lovely intense spicy fruit sufficiently supported by acid, wood and tannins to stop it being a simple fruit bomb.

Once again this variety, one fifth of the Bordeaux blend, proves its adaptability to the warm climes of Australia. I'm surprised there's not more of it grown here.
Our Price: $11 per bottle by the dozen

Deen De Bortoli Vat 1 2013 Durif

It may not be up to the Three Bridges standard [and if it was it would be a bit silly offering both] but there is none better at this price point.
It's a delicious medium bodied red that's the perfect introduction to one of our favourite red varieties.

Our Price: $11 per bottle by the dozen


Three Bridges 2012 Durif

 This time last year, and for the early part of 2013, we were selling the 2008
vintage. We missed the 2009 and then raced through the spectacular trophy laden 2010. Admittedly they didn't release a 2011 and the 2012 has arrived with just 3 bottles of 2010 [pictured] sitting on the shelf
Not so long ago Rutherglen seemed to have a monopoly on Durif production in Australia. But not anymore with this winning Top Gold at the 2013 Rutherglen Wine Show. This release has been one of the great success stories of the last decade. It's been a particular cellar door triumph for us as we've used it to encourage red drinkers to move out of their shiraz or cabernet comfort zone and experiment. Knowing that they were guaranteed to love the stuff. It's a beautifully balanced wine combining rich opulence with plenty of fruit spice.

Halliday rates it highly "Vivid purple hue ... dark and black fruits .... the palate is warm and generous on the one hand, yet firm and full of savoury interest on the other; very good warm-climate Durif."
The "warm climate" reference implies a surprise but I suspect this variety is suited to warmer climes and it's proof YET AGAIN of the quality that comes out of the Riverina. An outstanding red wine that I can't recommend highly enough and every bit as impressive as the 2010 which was widely regarded as the best.

Our Price: $18 per bottle by the dozen