Saturday, July 31, 2010

Windy Peak Sparkling Pinot Noir Chardonnay

RIP Farty Hill.
They've changed the label and the style of the wine and sadly not for the better. I've kept a picture of the old label as a fond memory. It's now a perfectly OK sparkling with none of the dazzling individuality that made it a star.

So I've dropped the price to clear what we bought before we discovered the change to the blend.

Here's what I used to think [once again retained for the memories]
"Affectionately known as Farty Hill at home, where empties dominate the recycling bin.
Colour is an appealing dazzling pale smoked salmon hue and although being a multi vintage blend with parts up to 7 seven years old it's the sheer drinkability that dominates this complexity.
Very stylish, drink anytime fizz that totally over delivers at the price."

Our Price: $10 per bottle by the doz


Thursday, July 15, 2010

Crayfish Bay 2008 Marlborough Pinot Noir

Where did they come up with names like this and who designed the label?
It's from Marlborough and is an outstanding intense, superbly structured pinot noir that delivers $20 quality. Please don't be fooled by the price.

Our Price: $12 per bottle by the doz


Portarlington Ridge 2008 Pinot Noir

The Bellarine Peninsula is a spur that hooks back into Port Phillip Bay to the south of Geelong and, give 20 km or so, is in line with Geelong to the west and Mornington to the east. So you're in damn fine latitude territory for Pinot Noir.
This is an outstanding "Under $20" Pinot that is so much better than the price you'll pay.
Our Price: $14 per bottle by the dozen


Crayfish Bay 2009 Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc

The best value sauvignon blanc on the market?

While winter 2010 has slightly dulled the savvy frenzy of summer, I suspect seasonally adjusted figures would show no decrease in demand.
The latest star to arrive is the Crayfish Bay 2009 release. We've previously offered the 2008 which was a pleasant little drop but this current release is on a considerably higher level and rivals anything under $20.
The sometimes cloying tropical fruit character in this genre has been cut back to a level where it is now in perfect harmony with a refreshingly crisp acid zing. It's made by one of the high profile Marlborough makers and I suspect is available under their own label at a considerably higher price

Our Price: $10 per bottle by the doz


Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Titanic Stout 500ml

The Titanic Brewery was kicked off in 1985 in Stoke-on-Trent, birthplace of Titanic captain Edward John Smith.
They are a champion of the real ale cause in the UK with their beers available in over 250 "freehouses". [if you're familiar with beer drinking in the UK you'll know that far too many venues are now what I call "plastic pubs", controlled by a central management and
run like McDonalds]

One of their beers is the superb Titanic Stout which has picked up a handy list of awards from CAMRA [Campaign for Real Ale]
The Guardian Bottled Beer of Britain 1994 Gold
CAMRA Northern Ireland Branch 1995 Stout of the Festival Bronze
CAMRA Champion Beer of the West Midlands 2003 Bottles Gold Crown
CAMRA Champion Bottled Beer of Britain 2004 Gold
CAMRA Champion Beer of the West Midlands 2004 Porter/Stout Silver
CAMRA Champion Bottled Beer of Britain 2005 Bronze
CAMRA Champion Bottled Beer of Britain 2006 Bronze
CAMRA West Midlands Beer of the Year 2006 Stout Gold
CAMRA Champion Bottled Beer of Britain 2007 Silver
CAMRA West Midlands Stout of the Year 2007 2nd Place
CAMRA West Midlands Beer of the Year 2008 Real Ale in a Bottle 1st Place
CAMRA West Midlands Beer of the Year 2008 Stout Category 2nd Place
CAMRA Champion Bottled Beer of Britain 2009 Gold
CAMRA West Midlands Beer of the Year 2009 Stout Category 1st Place

We've just been offered what I suspect are the last 20 cases of this in Australia and I snapped them up because if you don't want them I'll happily drink the stuff over the next couple of years. Sister Sarah, the historian, will score some in memory of our great grandfather who died on the Titanic. [he was crew, not a passenger]

It's way past its Best Before date [October, 09] but with this type of beer what does it matter? It's probably improving. It's nowhere near as dry as Guinness but I wouldn't describe it as a sweet stout. This is very much a winter beer that you store on top of the fridge at this time of year - why would you want to dull the intense flavour?.

RRP: $????
Our Price: $49 a box of twelve 500ml bottles