Thursday, October 4, 2012

Matso's Mango Beer

The first beer to ever appear on this webblog and it's got Mango in it. Now that IS outstanding! It's brewed in Broome along with a Ginger Beer and a couple of more traditional styles but for me this is the star. On one hand it's like West Coast Cooler on steriods but it has the class and quality of Belgian fruit beers to make it a serious brew. And yes, there's no mistaking the mango content and yet it's dry and satisfying. It's expensive  but it probably deserves to be with the supplier having a clear policy of not offering  any discounts and there is of course that freight issue from Broome.

Our Price: $75 carton of twenty four 330ml bottles 

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Michelle of Lamington Park said...

We were given a couple of these by a mate to try; my husband is a traditional beer drinker with a preference for pale ales and Czech pilsner (he also attempts the odd home brew) where as I like fruity beers; Blue Tongue for example and lately citrus beers (European Radlers especially) so we'll give most things a burl at least once!
This is extrordinary - the first hit in the mouth is serious MANGO yet it still tastes like a beer! Its a deeper flavour than any of my citrus beers and the smell of mango is incredibly strong right the way through the bottle. Initially we thought the flavour diminished as you drank but after we ate some beer food (nuts, chips) we decided that it was still very much mango; its the initial shock to the mouth that makes you think it goes away - I think the palette just gets used to it! It is a very refreshing and pleasant drink; all the usual beer flavours are still there, e.g. hops, but then there’s..... MANGO! Definitely on the drink again radar.