Friday, October 2, 2009

Buller 2007 Beverford Durif

Please don't be fooled by the price of this. It's a very classy, quality red wine that has been grossly underpriced by its maker. [Something that Buller also do with their fortifieds].
Colour is a dazzling deep purple and there's enticing sweet fruit on the nose and then the really interesting stuff starts. I often write about "quality fruit supported by underlying tannins". But this is all about really appealing tannins supported by underlying fruit. It may sound weird but it works beautifully. Alcohol is 15% but there's no hint of overextraction and it's just not an issue with this one
Three days after opening the wine is drinking even better and I suspect the back label "cellar to 2012" recommendation may be well short of the mark. I'm whacking some in the cellar to see how it evolves.

Our Price: $12 per bottle by the doz



Lila Leeds said...
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The Outstanding Wineman said...

"The Durif is a cracker! Thank you."
Gavin W