Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Tyrrell's 2007 Old Winery Shiraz


On a recent August Saturday at Pokolbin I tasted just about every wine in the Tyrrell's portfolio. It's the best I've ever seen it looking.
But the real surprise was their 2007 Old Winery Shiraz. I've long been a fan of the Old Winery range as being consistently great value while occasionally throwing up a wine of extraordinary quality.

It's a safe assumption that the fruit sourced from interstate is from their Rufus Stone vineyards in Heathcote and McLaren Vale that didn't quite make the grade. Tossed in with some local Hunter Shiraz this three region blend is an example of sheer winemaking genius.
The theory is that great wine is created in the vineyard and while that's true wines like this demonstrate the winemaker's skill in creating something really special through their blending skills. The wonderful aspect of this wine is the layers of flavour that reveal themselves as you work your way through the bottle. There's definite leathery Hunter but there's also the fruit ripeness from the other areas with surprising cassis flavour. Acid and tannins are all there in the right balance and if you paid $20 for this you'd still be happy.
To put it in perspective I tasted this as an afterthought. I'd tasted the Stevens, Rufus Stones, Vat 1, Vat 8, Lunatiq etc and this still impressed.

Our Price: $9.50 per bottle by the doz


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