Thursday, July 17, 2008

Staying at the VIC in Rutherglen

what happens when my passionate Richmond supporter sibling suggests we ALL go to Melbourne to contribute to the effort to achieve 100G at the G. Great idea to celebrate the club's centenary.
The response started at coach load, eased into a mini bus and ended up with just the two of us in a Barina called Chester.
Given that both the game and result were ugly, the undisputed highlight was our overnight stay in Rutherglen. What a top spot.
There are three pubs in Rutherglen and I was really pleased I booked at the Victoria. It's a 140 year old pub that's two years into a 10 year renovation project. Sarah and Sean have undertaken a huge enterprise along with the help of their mate Jim. The best part of all is that the end result will be a traditional old pub, not something glammed up to be something it never was. The rooms are basic and comfortable even though Sarah rather humbly calls the accommodation "like camping under a roof."
We'll be returning as soon as possible not only to see how the renovations proceed but to further the Rutherglen experience. It has to be one of the most welcoming, fascinating vineyard areas I've ever visited. We'll also try and plan the next visit to co-incide with one of the VIC's food and wine weekends. Sarah and Sean are planning six events each year and we suspect they might be rather special.
If you'd like to contact the Victoria Hotel:

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