Thursday, July 3, 2008

Sevenhill 2005 "Inigo" Cabernet Sauvignon

Since Sevenhiil was established in 1851 there have been seven Jesuit winemakers. Each of them had a fair old shift at the helm which was taken over by Brother John May in 1972 - that's him pictured amongst the vines. John's now the Emeritus Winemaker [great title, that] with Liz Heidenreich joining up in 2005. I haven't seen John since my Summer Hill Wine Shop days of the 90s and this is the first Sevenhill wine I've tasted in way too long.

It came about during my recent search for cabernets that actually tasted like the grape from which they came. This was the pick of the bunch and is a welcome addition to the range. Rich and sumptuous it oozes blackcurrants and doesn't taste like a shiraz!

Our Price: $ 18 per bottle


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