Wednesday, October 17, 2012

It’s all about the GRAPE …

There are upwards of 2000 grape varieties that are used to create wine throughout the world.
Think about it. 2000!
Start counting and if you can get past 20 that you know or have tasted you are doing better than most.

So if you want to venture past a world of chardonnay and cabernet, sauvignon blanc and shiraz you may like to read on ..

Let’s start with some advice:

· BE BRAVE and experiment. If we recommend a “different” wine to you there’s no guarantee you’ll like it. But there is a guarantee that the wine is an outstanding value example of its variety or style. We wouldn’t have bought it otherwise

· NO GRAPE is inherently sweet or dry [the driest wine I’ve ever tasted was a gewürztraminer] They may lend themselves to a particular style but ultimately it depends on what the viticulturist achieves and the winemaker devises

· DON’T just buy in the same price window all the time. Try some of the bargain $5 efforts and treat yourself to the occasional $20+. Remember, we recommend the wines that over deliver not the ones that pay to be on our retail shelves.

· PLEASE remember to give me feedback. Tell me what you liked about a wine or what you didn’t like– IN YOUR OWN WORDS. It’s like a Wine Education course for free. You can see me in store, email me, post a comment on our wine weblog, become a friend on Facebook, a follower on Twitter or a skyper on Skype. Or you could even phone me if you received our email newsletters. It’s how we all learn.




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