Wednesday, June 12, 2019

This wine is an absolute crime


This aberration is on a heavily reduced price promotion this week at Liquorland. Don't be tempted. 

The big hook on the label is that its been "Aged 30 days in rum barrels". Now who thought that was a good idea? The back label reveals that "a portion"copped that treatment and that's the only detail about the wine that appears.

Now I regularly bang on about balance in a wine. It's important. The only reason to buy this is to see what I'm not looking for. It's one dimensional with jammy sweetness that made me think of McGuigan's Black Label on steriods.

GRAPE VARIETIES: Who knows? Who cares?
REGION: South Eastern Australia
A/V: 12%
PRICE: $12 marked down from $18
FROM: Liquorland
RATING: 1/5 from me

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