Thursday, December 13, 2018


TANGAROA $8.55  RATING: 4/5 from me

AMIRI $6.90   RATING: 4.5/5 from me

SILVER MOKI $6.65   RATING: 4/5 from me

They are all from Marlborough's 2017  vintage, they are all sauvignon blancs weighing in around the 12% a/v mark and they are all to be found on Dan Murphy's shelves. I suspect they've all come from the same marketing thinktank - ''Let's do a label design based on a Maori word and then explain it all on the back label". Read them and you'll see what I mean
Thankfully they are all very drinkable and exactly what you're hoping for from a budget priced NZ savvy. Don't laugh but the most important thing to remember is to drink them quickly. We tend to road test wines over at least two days, often more, and these all fell apart on day two. The Tangeroa and Amiri opened brilliantly but were really flat the next day. The Tangeroa had the most palate weight but the Amiri starred with it's zing. The Silver Moki won't disappoint but the others are better.

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