Monday, July 31, 2017

This is probably the best budget white EVER!

In the 40 [yes I started young] odd years I've been raving about wine I can't recall a better budget white than this. 
It's from the south west of France not too far from Portugal's Vinho Verde. It's probably a Lidl controlled brand and it's probably mostly colombard.  And if it was VV it would be as good as I've tasted. It has a crisp dry lifted vibrancy that absolutely dazzles - you'd think it was bottled yesterday. A truly outstanding wine that I would recommend to anyone.
NB This is one that Lidl regularly feature as one of their £2.99 weekend promotions. Which means it's usually sold out very quickly on a Saturday morning

5/5 rating from me
£2.99 from Lidl on promotion
£4.29 the rest of the time

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