Friday, November 11, 2016


Bavaria 8.6 Absinthe Special Herbal Beer  [Netherlands 500ml can] 8.3% av
This opens so well with an enticing bronze amber dazzling in the glass and a well maintained head. And that’s as good as it gets. This is the classic Category 5 beer that just doesn’t work for me.  In fact it challenges my motto “there’s no such thing as a bad beer, some just taste better than others”. There’s a nasty bitter finish that makes me wonder who does drink it.   1/5 rating 

Beckers Extra Forte 8.0  [Germany 500ml can] 7% av
0.68 eu
Even though it’s a different maker this could be the little brother of the Maximator. Colour is similar, alcohol is high without being extreme and there’s plenty of flavour. At the price it’s a gem and you could possibly drink two.
4.5/5 rating

Brauperle Pils {Germany 500ml can] 4.5% av
0.52 eu
The world needs simple straightforward quaffable lagers and that’s just what this is all about. Great value
4/5 rating

Amsterdam Maximator [Netherlands 500ml can] 11.6% av
1.66 eu
If you can obtain wonderful complex flavours at 3.8% av why bother with a beer that immediately puts over the booze bus limit? Which is why I’ve never been a fan of high alcohol beers – until now. This stuff is extraordinary. Colour is a vibrant red hue that gives the appearance of a darkish sparkling rose. The beer is a meal in itself chock full of intense hop flavours and underlying malt. Make sure you pour it into a quality beer glass and enjoy slowly.
A nervous 5/5 rating from me

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