Sunday, April 5, 2015

Warburn 2013 Rumours Durif


One late night in January 2015, towards the end of my UK visit, I trawled through the website of ALM, Australia's largest liquor wholesaler. looking for wines at the budget end of the market. My plan was to order a box of anything that looked interesting so it would be waiting for me to taste test on my return. There was plenty to choose with many labels I'd never seen before.
But one that particularly leapt out at me was a Durif. This was a label I knew but I had no idea there was a Durif in the range. I love Durif so this was a must and as it turns out the very best find of my late night trawl.
Warburn are a funny mob. They don't give out tasting samples and they appear to be very much in bed with Woolworths. They do the awful Gossips label, they were responsible for the hideous AC/DC labels and also provide me with the weirdly named and labeled Brass Razu, one of our biggest selling Sauvignon Blancs. This latest label has 10 multicoloured finches sitting on a perch. Why 10? Are they real or imagined birds? I have no idea.
I rang the rep to order 20 dozen to start off with. I could detect the hesitation in his voice. Turns out they only had two dozen. I took those and he had to organise for stock to be delivered into ALM so it could be sent to us. I bit the bullet and increased the order to a pallet before anyone else finds out how good it is. And how good is it?
Truly outstanding. It's the best quality best value quaffer I've tasted in years. And THAT is unfair. The price dictates how it will be consumed but it's just so much better. It's midweight with lovely berry fruit offered on a perfectly balanced palate. Yes, it has acid and tannin as well.

We've now just had the second pallet arrive.

Our Price: $6 per bottle by the dozen

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