Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Stephendale 2011 Sauvignon Blanc

Griffith's Warburn Estate is at it again with a new label that has taken anonymity to the extreme. We've put them on the retail shelves and I have trouble finding them. There's a big S which makes sense when any other inspiration fails and a small illustration of a rural gate which is hardly going to have retail buyers [who can never remember names of wines] rushing back to buy the wine with the gate on the label.
But the stuff inside is sensational.
There are two Barossa reds which are both chunky fruit driven numbers ready to drink now and over the next couple of years. A/v on both is $13.5%. There is also a ridiculously quaffable NZ sauvignon blanc. It's not regional specific and I suspect bulk juice is shipped here for bottling. Makes sense if they can do a wine of this quality at the price..

Our Price: $8 per bottle by the dozen


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Winooski said...

This Sav Blanc was a real surprise and VERY good. The $8 ticket was an added bonus. It's a crisp, lightly fruity wine that was very easy to drink. We intended just to share a glass after a long day but then we finished the bottle before we knew it. Will definitely be asking Chris for more of his one very soon.