Monday, September 6, 2010

How to open a bottle of wine with a shoe

Now this is totally pointless if you have a screw cap bottle or at the very least a corkscrew. But if, like me, you are caught in Salisbury on a Bank Holiday Sunday with a cork sealed 2008 Bordeaux that you've just grabbed in a last minute rush to Sainsbury's then you may be extremely grateful.
I suppose I could have scrounged a corkscrew from somewhere but this seemed the perfect opportunity to test this little party trick I'd seen. And yes it does work.
A few words of warning though.
The cork's exit speed is much faster in the video than I experienced. Maybe my cork was tighter or I wasn't violent enough. And choose your wall carefully. I recommend a brick external wall with no-one on the other side - otherwise they will come to see what the hell is making the noise and then challenge your sanity.

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