Friday, October 24, 2008

Yellow Tail 2008 Pinot Noir


I was tempted towards describing it as " The Pinot you have when you're not having a Pinot" but I thought that may be a little too disparaging for what is a brilliant budget red. Then again, "peculiar" in a sub head isn't too encouraging despite its accuracy.

I've become a major Pinot Noir convert over the last few years. I love the combination of subtlety and strength, the way this often deceptively pale red can begin with a caress and then powers its way through your palate.

This latest release Pinot Noir under the Yellow Tail label has none of this. It's an "in-your-face", fruit driven red with a deep, impenetrable, quite dazzling colour, lashings of berry,cherry and violet fruit flavour, minimal tannin but enough reassuring acid to support it for far longer than we recommend.

Prima facie this doesn't look like the summer red it really is. It looks like a shiraz, almost tastes likes a cabernet - we suggest you just treat it as a rose with grunt, especially with alcohol just a whisker under 14%. It's a cracker of a quaffable red wine.

RRP: Whatever you see it for in the shops
Our Price: $8 per bottle by the doz


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