Monday, January 14, 2013

Kingston Estate 2010 Barossa/Clare Shiraz

Kingston have come a long way since I last tasted them. Now distributed by the fine wine wholesaler that looks after d'Arenberg, they have very smart new packaging and offer even greater value for money.
We were offered a whole box full of samples, by an enthusiastic new sales rep, which I rejected with the request that she only submit the wines that she believed offered outstanding quality at their prices. The benefit of that is that it saves us time and tests how good she is.
She's VERY good.

It's a fair hike from their base in the Riverland but I'm glad someone made the trip. This is a full bodied, rich intense unmistakeable shiraz in perfect balance. Alcohol is a sensible 14% and if you paid $20 for it you wouldn't be disappointed by the quality on offer. At an absurd $11 this is impossible to recommend highly enough.

Our Price: $11 per bottle by the dozen


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