Friday, September 24, 2010

Trevor Jones 2007 "Boots" Barossa Shiraz


This was offered to us while I was in the UK and it was the first tasting sample that hit the glasses on my return.
There wasn't much and I reckon we scored the last pallet.

Initial reaction wasn't good as there was a bit of a stink on the nose but thirty minutes later we'd changed our minds. Three days later we wished we'd been able to get more,.

This is full on Barossa Shiraz that still needs plenty of breathing time so I'd suggest it's also a very fine candidate for the cellar.
It's a rich, ripe red and at 14.5% a/v just manages to stay within the boundaries of elegance and balance. Fruit is much more blackberry than pepper but I've never had a problem with shiraz tasting like cabernet. French oak is well integrated.
If you enjoy $20 reds you'll love this.
In fact the only bad thing is the label - it's a shocker with quite a weird statement on the front. Maybe that was for the Americans.

Screwcap closure. USA back label.
RRP: $18
Our Price: $10 per bottle by the doz


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