Sunday, April 16, 2017

Most Wanted 2015 Albarino

The first Albarino I ever tasted was a weird and wonderful 2013 effort from Stanrock in New Zealand. It polarised opinion. 90% hated it, 10% thought it was the best white they'd ever tasted. That didn't surprise me and I like wines that get that type of response - although 50/50 would be better.
This is nothing like that which is probably a good thing for the makers and distributors. It's just not so exciting.
Albarino [aka Alvarinho in Portugal] is a white wine variety popular in the north western corner of the Iberian peninsula. This is a pretty mainstream effort that will appeal to most dry white drinkers.

12.5% a/v
3.5/5 rating from me 
£7 from Sainsbury's

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