Friday, February 3, 2017

Might just be the Best Beer Buy of 2017

Tesco currently have a range of Sharps beers on promotion.
Normally £1.79 the offer is four 500ml bottles for a mere £6

All feature deep bronze/red colour and are an easy 5/5 rating from me.
Wolf Rock is a full on IPA that also features a fair chunk of malt. Not for the faint hearted. Sea Fury is a toned down version of that while Atlantic is a very user friendly Pale Ale. Doom Bar is one of my favourite draught ales. It's not quite as good in a bottle, but it's close.

 5/5 rating from me Betty Stogs Brazen Cornish Bitter 4% a/v Skinner's Brewery Cornwall £1.39 at Lidl [500ml] Morande "One to One" 2016 Old Vines Gewurtztraminer £6.99 from Majestic RRP: $ Our Price: $ by the doz notes: IN STOCK OUT OF STOCK

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