Wednesday, January 18, 2017

First 2016 NZ Sauvignon Blanc we've tasted and it's a beauty

Here we are in the third week of 2017 and we've just seen and tasted our very first Marlborough from the 2016 vintage. Now given that there are still 2014 releases sitting on UK retail shelves as well as most of 2015 I'd suggest the glut of New Zealand Sauvignon Blancs is a long way from being over.

That's a problem because the great majority of these wines are meant to be young and fresh with all the primary fruit flavours shining through. Which is exactly what happens with this one. The fruit though is a throw back to the grassy herbaceous releases that dominated before the passionfruit, tropical fruit style took over in popularity. This 2016 is a welcome change along with its dazzling fresh vitality.

And the brand? Well I haven't been keeping this a mystery. It doesn't have one. This is the ultimate generic label available through Lidl at just £5.59. That gives it a 5/5 rating from me

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