Wednesday, August 24, 2016


There's a lot happening on this label from the necktag down.
"In 1997, armed only with their surname, a chap called Steve and his family dreamed of setting up a community brewery in Cornwall . Since then we've crafted countless casks and won hundreds of awards"

Reaching the back label there's a description of a perfect beach somewhere between St Ives and Padstow where this is the perfect beer to sup as the sun sinks over the water. 

I want to go there, right now, TODAY as the temperature hits well over 30 in the South of England. But it's a long drive and the sun will have set by the time I get there so I'll just duck down the road and get some more.

This is a delicious, beautifully balanced hop driven [blend of three] Pale Ale that will have me searching out more from the Skinners

5/5 rating from me

Lushingtons Sunshine Pale Ale
4.2%  a/v
Skinner's Brewery Cornwall
£1.39 at Lidl [500ml]

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