Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Tierra del Fuego Gran Reserva Estate Bottled 2006 Merlot

This is a stunning red. Gloriously developed, incredibly complex, medium bodied with that earthy funky character that polarises people. Don't go near it if you only like squeaky clean fruit bombs from the Barossa. But if you're an experimenter, always up for something different with quality, you'll love this Chilean classic

And the problem? The cork. It's the luck of the draw but some are quite crumbly. If you have an Ah So cork removal device which I last triumphantly used at Peter Sexton's 60th Birthday Bash you'll be fine, otherwise you may have to do a bit of straining. The upside is that the wine is offered at half its well deserved original price.


Our Price: $15 per bottle by the dozen


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