Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Franziskaner and Spaten 500ml German Beers

Four new 500ml German beers have been added to the OWL list: Franziskaner Natrutrub, Franziskaner Dunkel & Franziskaner Kristall as well as Spaten Munchen.
All are $69 for a case of 20 with any instore mixed dozen wine buy. Which compares more than favourably with Dan Woolworths price of $91.

There's some history here with the Franziskaner boxes proudly proclaiming "Brewed in Munich since 1397" and "In accordance with the Bavarian Purity Law of 1516."

Franziskaner Natrutrub: Unfiltered, pale cloudy wheat beer with tropical fruit hop flavours. Light and refreshing.

Franziskaner Dunkel: Dark full bodied yet surprisingly refreshingly aromatic.

Franziskaner Kristall: Slightly smoky, beautifully balanced, clean and clear wheat beer

Spaten Munchen: Pale gold lager with pronounced hops. Smooth and creamy with a fine bitter finish.

Our Price: $ 69 a box of twenty 500ml bottles


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