Monday, November 24, 2008

Deen De Bortoli 2006 Vat 9 Cabernet Sauvignon

Bagpipes, Toukley RSL and a Captivating Cabernet
When Toukley holds a Highland Gathering, they know how to party. Which is how we found ourselves on a recent Saturday night at the glittering Toukley RSL being entertained by the Lithgow City Pipe Band. While most of the lasses and laddies were more than content with whisky and beer I was sent forth to find a bottle of red wine.
Which was how I met Cheryl the barmaid. She was a gem. Not only did she keep a straight face when I asked to see the wine list, she also knew that there were only two bottles of the only possible decent red in the place. She wasn't quite sure where the second bottle was but when I explained there was every possibiity we may require it, she made it her "mission possible" to make sure it woud be ready when we were.
And so it transpired that Toukley RSL ran out of their "premium" red that night and bad luck if they tried to order anymore now. I rang De Bortoli who told me they had 50 dozen left and I said we'd take the lot.

Our Price: $ 9 per bottle by the doz


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