Friday, January 27, 2017

Just Buy It!!!

I sold truck loads of Zilzie wines during my Australian retail career. One reason was that they always offered outstanding value for money. Another was I scored all their disastrous [from a marketing point of view] Shane Warne labelled wines at a fraction of their true value. 

So I couldn't resist this as an old familiar label leaped of the shelf to me during the recent visit to Asda. It's a beauty. A small amount [probably 3-5%] of the blend is the white grape viognier and this acts to extract the shiraz flavours to create a more user friendly drink now red. It will age but I doubt whether it will get a chance once you've tasted it. Lashings of fruit flavour, 14% a/v, lovely tannins, delicious red grossly underpriced.
5/5 rating from me  
£4.98 from Asda

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