Friday, January 27, 2017

It's time to discover Fiano

2015 FIANO SICILIA - distributed by Asda Stores
One of the great joys of buying wine in the UK is that there are a wide number of retailers that have 80% mutually exclusive ranges. Which means there is so much to choose from as long as you rotate your wine buying visits amongst them.
I hadn't been to Asda for awhile so it was like a whole new experience. You don't see much Fiano around and unless you've tried it I suspect most wine buyers would be reluctant to give it a crack - "what is it?"

It's a grape whose home is southern Italy. It's low yielding and jam packed with very individual flavours. I know it from Australian winemakers experimenting successfully with the variety. In particular Coriole and Rutherglen Wine Estates. So I couldn't resist trying one from where it all began. and I'm so pleased I did. There's a bit of palate weight and viscosity that reminds me of viognier. But it's beautifully restrained and balanced with citrus and apple undertones [for the life of me I couldn't detect the passionfruit described on the label]. It has the character to match a wide range of foods and I really suggest you give it a try. This is a very classy, well made dry white and an absolute bargain at the price.
4.5/5 rating from me 
£5 at Asda  

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