Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Haselgrove 2012 Adelaide Hills Staff Chardonnay

Haselgroves, under new management, have flicked the Italian theme developed by Gordon Grant. Did you know that Haselgrove means "from near a grove of Hazel Trees"? Now there's a surprise.

I doing so they've moved on from The Adjectival Geographic Wine Naming Technique  to what I can only describe as The Sydney UpMarket Restaurant Soon To Go Broke Strategy..
One word.
No "The". Just one word and you've got a name. Or maybe it should be described as the Madonna Method.
But they have retained and achieved truly hilarious Back Label Justification that you must have realised from me knowing about that grove of hazel trees. Thankfully they spare some space to really nail this outstanding addition to their and our range.
Two lines out of ten is all they needed to describe this pretty well. "Crisp white peach and grapefruit is softened by a creamy palate and smoky spicy oak."
I would add that this straddles the divide between the 100% malo over the top buttery style and the searingly crisp high acid wines which have the traditionalists asking whether this is actually chardonnay. A beautifully crafted and constructed stylish dry white priced well below its true value.

Our Price: $18 per bottle by the dozen


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