Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Three Tales 2014 Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc

"The BEST sauvignon blanc buy we've ever offered?????

It's a big call but one I'm very, very comfortable with.
The sign outside the cellar door reads "As good as Cloudy Bay and only $14.99" which is a bit misleading as it's quite possibly better and a mere $12 per bottle by the dozen.

"For someone who is just about "over" sauvignon blanc I reckon I probably rejected a tasting bottle from the rep sometime late last year with words like "It's too expensive and I've got the stuff coming out of every orifice." What's the point of tasting yet another one and rejecting it because we already have plenty of that style.
So I'm very grateful to the lads who brought a bottle in for me to taste last week. They were so enthusiastic that I just had to try it and they were spot on - sensational stuff. They were buying it from another source so I was happy to beat that price and share it with everyone else as long as you realise that $12 is an extremely sharp price.

And the wine? Well it's got just about everything. There's lashings of the popular, fashionable tropical fruit salad balanced beautifully with more traditional herbaceous, grassy characters. Every sip reveals a new layer of flavour so every bottle is a really exciting experience as opposed to so many that show all with the first sip.Add to this an equally balanced palate weight and texture and I reckon you're close to the perfect wine of this style. And it's only 12.5% alcohol!
Sadly it's pushed aside my previous favourite, Wither Hills and as far as I'm concerned it wipes the floor with Oyster Bay."

Those were the notes for the 2011 vintage. Three vintages later, nothing has changed.

Our Price: $12 per bottle by the dozen:  



Anonymous said...

This Sav Blanc is brilliant. A real treat at the price. Ordered another case as it will go fast!

The Outstanding Wineman said...

FROM LEIGH F via email

Also tasted the recent Three Tales 2011 Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc over a number of nights last week.
Couldn t agree more with your summation, amazing nose on first sniff , passionfruit, grass and tropical fruits, great length of flavour and finishing dry which is lacking on some of the typical NZ SB s
Also drank it back to back with Wither Hills and for mine left it for dead. Definitely one of the best to come out of NZ for a while.

The Outstanding Wineman said...

Email from Sarah P in South Australia

thanks for the wine- love it! Your review was spot on and we would like to order more cases for our wedding

The Outstanding Wineman said...

Email from Murray F in Orange, NSW:

I thought it lacked something when I first tried it but it has grown on me. It has a richness and depth missing in many of the NZ SBs. I have got a bit bored with the simple fruit/acid wines that are common like Oyster Bay and Brancott Estate (not the premium version) and the 3 Tales has something more than those

The Outstanding Wineman said...

From M via email
I was in Wagga on Wednesday night and ate at the Pavillion Hotel. They had the 3 Tales SB in their restaurant at $40 per bottle!!! There were ten of us and I bought a bottle with which they were suitably impressed. I told them I could get it from Toongabbie for $12 per bottle plus $9 freight.