Monday, October 26, 2009

Rockridge 2009 Watervale Riesling

Up to about 10 years ago it was easy to rave about Riesling and smugly buy up the bargains because the variety offered such great value compared to chardonnay. But those days are long gone and I wondered if I'd ever find another great value riesling that wasn't a producer's stuff up [like Simon Pemberton Pearse and the unlabelled Palandri].

Well I have and it's from Watervale, that classic riesling region, in South Australia's Clare Valley. The intensity on the nose is almost overwhelming and the same fruit flavour carries through on the palate. Which goes on and on and on with lovely crisp acidity completing the experience.
This doesn't have the steely minerality that some of you love. This one's all about intense fruit in the citrus/honeysuckle spectrum. While it has the acidity to warrant cellaring I can't see the point. This is THE wine for this summer if you're a little bit over sauvignon blancs. It has the flavour to both handle a serious chill and justify a $20+ price tag.

RRP: Should be $20
Our Price: $12 per bottle by the doz



Anonymous said...

AbSOloootely deeelicious, Chris!!
Any more? ANDY R

Anonymous said...

I had a bottle of that riesling last night . . . great SA stuff . . . thanks KIEREN C